Am-Finn Steam Room

Custom-designed luxurious walls, moonglow ceiling with lighting, custom benching, full glass door with chrome hardware and steam equipment are included. Our steam rooms only requires an open-framed space in which no interior finished, insulated or waterproofed walls or ceiling is needed. Due to its advanced building method, wall and ceiling materials are simply attached to the free-standing aluminum frame from the inside and include a fully sealed, gasketed system. Welcome to the future! If you are looking for custom designs or commercial projects, contact our customer success team.

Advanced Hybrid Steam Room

The most sanitary and efficient steam room on the market
  • AHSR’s are the most sanitary steam rooms in the industry as they can be automatically Power-Zoned (sterilized) as many times per day as required
  • The smooth, engineered surfaces of the AHSR helps prevent the growth of mold/mildew and eliminates the need for toxic cleaning chemicals
  • Traditional tile/grout steam rooms put bathers at a very high risk of virus and disease contraction as the warm, moist, porous environments are ideal conditions for bacteria, COVID-19 and hundreds of other viruses
  • AHSR’S are up to 50% more energy efficient than tile steam rooms, resulting in thousands of dollars in savings
  • Traditional tile steam room installation take several days and can be costly. AHSR’s can be assembled in one day and do not require costly waterproofing or excessive room preparation
  • Grout/tile steam rooms require replacement every 4 to 6 years
  • 8 Bench Colors to choose from
  • HUNDREDS of screen printing options available

The Advanced Hybrid Steam Rooms are equipped with Scandia’s Powerzone 400, an advanced corona-discharge sterilization system that automatically eliminates all organic matter (mold, mildew, fungus and viruses). At night or through-out the day when the steam rooms are unoccupied, maintenance simply turns on the timer and the rooms are perfectly clean within 60 minutes. Scandia’s Powerzone technology is proven to kill up to 99.98% of all virus/bacteria.

Transform your steam experience with a custom screen print. We have hundreds of options for you to choose from. Or if you prefer a solid color wall design we have dozens of wall color options available. Our smooth, engineered wall and ceiling design provides a superiorly sanitary and energy efficient steam room. Compared to traditional tile, our steam rooms are free from grout/tile where mold, bacteria, mildew and viruses grow and proliferate. Once you have selected your steam room walls, select a coordinating bench color.

Cost Efficiency
These residential steam rooms are up to 50% more energy efficient than traditional tile rooms. This means smaller steam equipment is required and hundreds of dollars in energy savings each year.

The Advanced Hybrid Steam Room's require significantly less maintenance than traditional tile steam rooms. Scandia's Power Zone sterilization technology coupled with the AHSR smooth surface design means that the only cleaning needed is a simple wipe down of walls/benches.

The modular acrylic panels take most of the work out of steam room installation.