When should I open my pool? - Fort Wayne, Angola, IN

When should I open my pool?
March 24/2021

We recommend opening your pool once temperatures reach 65 degrees. No, that isn't swimming weather, but it is algae weather! When you open early, you can prevent algae formation, versus when you open later (temperatures 70+), algae will most likely have already be in bloom under your pool cover. Top 3 benefits of opening early…

1. SAVES YOU MONEY!  It is less expensive to run your pool and prevent algae growth than to treat an algae breakout.

2. SAVES YOU TIME! No one wants to spend the early days of summer trying to get the pool clean. Doing standard preventative maintenance: vacuuming, skim pool surface, and treating water will take up less of your time than treating and removing an algae breakout.

3. IT LOOKS PRETTY! This is my personal favorite reason. Open your pool early because it looks prettier than the winter cover. Would you rather stare out at the black tarp winter cover (most likely covered in leaves) or… that beautiful, blue water, surrounded by green grass and flowers beginning to bloom? Ahhhhhh, who's ready?!

Bonus tip: Even if you don't open your pool in March, pull up the cover and place a Spring Pill in the water! These are filled with stain fighters and enzymes to help breakdown organic waste and keep algae at bay until you are ready to open in April.

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