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If you’re thinking, “Phosphates in my pool water?” then this article is for you. The truth is that there will always be some phosphates in your pool. The key is keeping them under control. Why?Phosphates are one of the most abundant products on our planet. But you may be won

Are you getting ready to open your pool? Rea

We recommend opening your pool once temperatures reach 65 degrees. No, that isn't swimming weather, but it is algae weather! When you open early, you can prevent algae formation, versus when you open later (temperatures 70

What if your pool could have cleaner, clearer water while actually using less chemicals? Most pool owners would jump at that opportunity. The technology that makes this possible is a combination of ultraviolet light (UV) and ozone gas (O3). Before we get into the technical s

February 15/2021
Winter is the perfect time for hot coco, ice skating, and hearty meals. But for swimming pool owners there are a few more things to think about than just winter festivities. Here are some winter tips for pool owners to keep your pool safe and sound all winter long. 1. Invest in a reliable submersibl

Let's face it; many of us are procrastinators. We like to put things off until the very last minute and then scramble to get it done in a panic. Why do we bring this added stress into our lives when a little forethought could make things much easier? This is particularly tru

November 15/2020
We have transformed hundreds of plain-Jane backyards into relaxing dream escapes. Dandelion infested lawns have been uprooted and replaced with breath taking infinity pools, water features, fire tables, and hot tubs. Weathered patios have been ripped out and new stamped conc

It's every pool owners worst nightmare; algae. Algae often hits at the worst time, like on a long weekend, or just before a pool party. Battling a green pool can be a frustrating experience. Algae costs a lot of time, energy and money. What starts ou

Asking the family how to spend a summer together can be a challenging proposition. Varying opinions and a slew of other factors can make for a tough decision. Should the family go on a road trip, hit the beach, or maybe go camping? What if the choice of where to go and what

What if you could bring all the elements of a resort into your own backyard? Whether it’s a tropical pool with a tanning ledge, the therapeutic hot tubs of a Scandinavian style spa, or the warmth of the fire table on the patio at the Four Seasons, we can help you change your

Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year. The air is fresh, the falling leaves are changing colour, and of course the temperature drops. Don't let the cool weather deter you from enjoying your patio and outdoor space this fall. The words of John Howard Bryant are so

A common reaction when people see the pools we have built is, "Wow, that's incredible," or, "That's my dream backyard." Yet, what's even more incredible is seeing the transformation from a bare plot of grass into a dream oasis. A lot of planning and preparation go into each

When most of us look at a soothing bubbling hot tub we think of relaxation or hydrotherapy. What we may not often consider is the kidneys of the system so to speak. What is it that keeps the water clear and sparkling instead of looking like murky bath water? After all, we al

We all know the luxury, relaxation and entertainment that can come with owning a hot tub. It’s easy to while away time in the tub with family, friends or even on your own. But you may be surprised to learn about some unexpected health benefits. We know all about what an ass

So you have bought a new home with a swimming pool or have recently installed a pool and it’s time to close your swimming pool for the season. You’ve read up on how to close the swimming pool, but how do you cover it when it’s done and ready for winter.  We recommend u

The warm weather is here and the pool is open, but is your swimming pool up to code and are you taking the proper precautions?

Swimming Pool Fences

Swimming pool fences are not only key to keeping your pool safe when you are not around, they are also, in many ca


Imagine a calming oasis you could escape to, relax and let the cares of the day drift away. Now imagine that oasis is your own backyard! We want to help you accomplish exactly that. We offer a wide variety  of hot tub services, products and designs, making it easier th

Owning a pool is a great experience, but it does come with expenses.  Today, we want to share some simple tips that will help save you money and also help the environment.Pool CoversPerhaps one of the most simple yet often overlooked solutions to saving money. Using your pool cover when the poo

Owning a hot tub is a special experience.  If you’re coming home from a tough work day or sore from a long day of skiing, a soak in the hot tub can remove all the stress and soreness of the day.  Hot tubs are also a fun way to connect with friends, while creating fun memories that will las

Four Fun Games for the Pool
September 15/2019
Any day spent by the pool is a good day, but sometimes we all get bored.  This Summer shake things up by injecting these 4 fun games into your old routines. These games are fun, easy and don’t require anything that you don’t have laying around the house.Games are a great way to engage with stub

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