Liner Replacement 

Need a new Liner. Let the professionals do the work.  We have specialized in Vinyl Liner Replacements for many years. We custom measure each pool precisely to ensure a proper liner installation. We offer a choice of over dozens of liner patterns. Visit our store showroom today to view our liner display.

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Complete Pool and Backyard Renovation

Need more than just a new Liner? How about a complete Pool-Backyard Renovation. We offer major renovation services such as pool bottom repairs, skimmer, jets and plumbing. replacement or repair.  We work with the best Landscapers, who can add landscaping features like  Interlock Brick, Outdoor Lighting and Waterfalls to create your dream backyard.

Pool Equipment Upgrade

Often pool renovations include replacing the filtration and heating equipment. Today’s equipment is more technically and energy efficient.
  • Digital Heaters. Energy Efficient with easy to use digital controls. 
  • Pumps. Save 30% to 45% in energy costs per year with a Variable Speed Pump. 
  • Salt Generators. Converting to a saltwater pool is better for your skin, hair and eyes, requires less maintenance, and is cost effective. 

Other Renovation types

There are other options available to pool owners when renovating a pool.
  • LED Lights. Energy Efficient and durable, with bright rich colours. 
  • Robotic Cleaners. Easy to use, with a self-contained filter and superior cleaning ability. 
  • Safety Covers. Customers love how they look. Totally safe for children and pets.